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Lani lives in a world controlled by fear, but she feels none of it. After she sneaks out of school one too many times her parents invite a Fear-Monger to intimidate her. That was the last straw for Lani, and she talks her Minotaur bodyguard into helping her leave the city. Beyond the walls Lani and Brutus come across a young warrior woman named Kas, an ancient samurai, marauding robots, deadly monsters, and the looming threat of Monger mercenaries tasked to bring Lani back to the city, by any means necessary. Lani learns of her world, love, and friendship in ways she never thought possible before.

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Chapter 1: Falling

The Big Fiction Energy Podcast! This is what it's all been about. Enjoy!


Rising to the Occasion

Still here! It's been two weeks. Two... long... weeks. School has run me ragged, but I'm always ready for my faithful readers! Got a new...

Bound Together

About a month into the new year of school, and man am I tired. I know you don't come here to listen to me bitch, but I just needed to say...

Finding the Path

Days late and dollars short. The last entry was skipped due to creative differences with the writer… by which I mean I just wasn’t...

I'm a Teacher, Man

Wow, we're almost done with August already. How is this possible? Normally I'd be at the Delaware County fair flippin' burgers right...

A Heated Review

The review this week is a wild ride, get ready. Before that, there isn't much news. I've been awful about my 100 Days 100 Words...

Renegades Come Out to Play

Hello once again! Has it been two weeks already? Guess so, let's dive in. First up, we're super excited to record the first episode of a...

Reviews and Words

Things are moving along well here. Summertime in our household usually consists of taking Lily to various weekly events like ballet camp,...

Busy Quarantine

Phew, you miss a week, you miss a month! Thanks for coming back after that unscheduled hiatus, I've got news and announcements! First up,...

Good News Everyone

I don't know what it's like where you, reader, are, but it's hot here. I've felt like I've been melting the last few days, woof. Either...


Oh man. The last few days have been a wild ride. I had Episode 9 of Big Fiction Energy all ready to go, just wanted to add some cool...

Perilous Adventure

Better late than never! Lots of big news this week, so let's start with that. We've been terribly busy at the Professional Casual Network...

It's Real

Oh yeah. That's pretty. Lani: The Girl Without Fear is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Jorking Around

I've got some big news today, then a bit of discussion about everyone's favorite orc small business owner. First up, Big Fiction Energy...

Aliens Among Us 

Today’s entry is a big one. If you’re reading this in the future, as in, after March of 2020, then you might realize why. We’re in the...

Robot Rock

Well, had a close call there. March 5th was #Pitmad day on Twitter. Pitmad is short for Pitch Madness, where authors post pitches for...

The Face of Evil

Welcome back! Winter break was a fun time, got some things done, cleaned the house, painted some models, played some games, recorded more...

Time in the Sewers

Been a pretty quiet two weeks here. Trying to get through the winter unscathed! We’re about to go on winter break, which is exciting, and...

Podcast is Live!

The Big Fiction Energy Podcast is live! Well, really it’s been live for about a week, but I’m beginning a new schedule starting with...

Catching Up with The Egg

Phew, been a minute since the last post. We have a little catching up to do. First of all, the podcast is still in the works, but getting...

Dread Personified

Today I want to talk about the other bad guys of the Hundred Dollar Heroes (go back a few entries for Captain Super, the misguided super...


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