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Lani lives in a world controlled by fear, but she feels none of it. After she sneaks out of school one too many times her parents invite a Fear-Monger to intimidate her. That was the last straw for Lani, and she talks her Minotaur bodyguard into helping her leave the city. Beyond the walls Lani and Brutus come across a young warrior woman named Kas, an ancient samurai, marauding robots, deadly monsters, and the looming threat of Monger mercenaries tasked to bring Lani back to the city, by any means necessary. Lani learns of her world, love, and friendship in ways she never thought possible before.

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Chapter 1: Falling

The Big Fiction Energy Podcast! This is what it's all been about. Enjoy!


Reviews and Words

Things are moving along well here. Summertime in our household usually consists of taking Lily to various weekly events like ballet camp,...

It's Real

Oh yeah. That's pretty. Lani: The Girl Without Fear is now available on Amazon Kindle.

The Face of Evil

Welcome back! Winter break was a fun time, got some things done, cleaned the house, painted some models, played some games, recorded more...

Podcast is Live!

The Big Fiction Energy Podcast is live! Well, really it’s been live for about a week, but I’m beginning a new schedule starting with...

December Already?!

Oh man, November is over. That means NaNoWriMo is over! I'm sure you're all wondering how I did. Two weeks(ish) ago I was on pace at...

Inside the Wall of Ghal

All we need is to record our high-energy introduction and the first episode of the Big Fiction Energy Podcast is complete! It'll still be...

The World of Andora

First, I run a game club at school weekly, this year they've been all about D&D and Smash Ultimate. Today I came into my classroom to...

Fear is Power

Doing something a little different today, focusing on some bad guys. The first villains featured on the blog will be the Fear-Mongers, or...

Wandering into Your Heart

Quick shout out, if you're interested in Roleplaying games at all, you should do yourself a favor and check out the Glass Cannon Podcast....

Kas of The Wilds

As a nerd, I've delved into many types of nerddom. Comics, video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, miniature wargaming, you name it. But...

Brutus the Bodyguard

He's big, he's brown (well, tan), he's Brutus! Lani's best friend and bodyguard, Brutus is a Minotaur, a Primal: part human, part animal,...

Get to Know Lani Ji'hirin

Last post focused on one protag, figured it would make sense to have this one focus on another! Lani is of course the main character of...

Let's Get a First Post!

Inaugural post! Totally spelled that first word correctly on the first try. Without spell check. Yeah, you are in for a treat! Seriously...


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