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Aliens Among Us 

Today’s entry is a big one. If you’re reading this in the future, as in, after March of 2020, then you might realize why. We’re in the grip of the COVID-19 panic, I want to say the middle of things, but that’s not realistic, we’re probably still at the beginning. So far we’re all OK here. Kids are mostly enjoying quarantine. Felix, who is almost 2 adjusted much better than we thought, and Lily, 7, is loving having so much time at home. I’m interested in what I’ll say about this in two weeks! I’m not going to harp on the pandemic anymore though, you didn’t come here for that, you probably came here for escape from the real world! So I’ll start with a gaming update. Although my in-person games have come to a halt, Playstation is having their March sale and I got the Witcher 3 for $12, which is sweet. I’m about an hour or so in but loving it so far. My birthday is coming up, that’ll be nice, we’ll have a family celebration and delay any party for a while. It’s too bad, but makes sense. How about the fiction this blog is named after? Last entry we looked a bit at Lani’s world, let's delve into the realm of the Heroes this time. I want to discuss the various aliens a little bit. They make a few appearances in the first story, but that focuses much more on Augments.

First off, are the Sud. These aliens look like stout bipedal warthogs, tusks and all! They live in a rigid social structure led by the Moon King Nuk-Nod. That’s right, he lives on the moon. The Sud are extremely intelligent and gifted Earth with many wondrous technologies including weapons, anti-gravity, and they helped greatly with the terraforming of the moon. Now a thriving society lives there in the city of Sudlonn. The Sud love to decorate their tusks and faces with jewelry and work on electronics, coming out with new products constantly. Their intelligence is only matched by the arrogance and they look down on humans as stupid and childish. Never point out the fact that the Sud came here for help though, those tusks aren’t only for show. The Chook are a crazy race of bird-like people that stand between 7-8 feet tall. They have four long limbs and are covered with feathers. They are wingless, and it never occurred to them that should have wings until they saw the birds of Earth. The Chook might be the only race universally more intelligent than the Sud, but their aloof nature allows them to get along with humans a bit better. They specialize in anti-grav tech and their works are endowed with a grace that makes everything they create look like a work of art. This is in stark contrast to the creations of the Sud, which don’t believe in form over function in any way. Another race that is featured often is the Satyr. As their name implies, they are a goat-like race with horns and hooves. They never called themselves Satyr before they came to Earth, but they loved the idea that their race was already in human folktales that they adopted the name quickly and wholly. The Satyr are unique because of their ability to use magic spells and their ancestral weapons that all Satyr carry. These are ubiquitous bladed weapons that are passed down in families that have magic properties themselves. These weapons range from longswords and axes, to spears and other polearms. The weapons are special in that their magics only work for the Satyrs and in anyone else's hands they are merely exquisitely crafted works of metallurgy. The last alien species I want to briefly mention are the stone Behemoth. They are a short race named after their home planet of Baheem. They are wide and stout, made of organic stone. They covet precious gems and can shape stone by touching it. They enjoy Earth for its novel minerals compared to their lost planet, but bemoan that the mightiest mountains, the Himalayas, don’t compare to the crags of home. That’s all for this entry, episode 6 of Big Fiction Energy- Chapter 6: Sparring, comes out in one week, 4/2! Stay Classy! And Safe!

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