• Dan Cole

Brutus the Bodyguard

He's big, he's brown (well, tan), he's Brutus! Lani's best friend and bodyguard, Brutus is a Minotaur, a Primal: part human, part animal, all protector. Brutus has worked for Lani's family almost as long as Lani has been alive. In Ghal, most Primals are forced to live below the surface, down in the Dregs, but Brutus has a privileged position with a wealthy family and so is able to live above in one of the sky-rises. Brutus was born out in the Wilds, how he came to Ghal and thrived even he doesn't know, most of that time is a haze to him. Almost all he remembers is the last 17 years guarding Lani. And what a job it's been. Keeping track of her started being difficult as soon as she was mobile. Brutus really began enjoying the work when Lani was old enough that he could begin teaching her the ancient martial art of Khu'ri, a fighting style known for it's aggressiveness, breaking through an opponent's guard, and finishing fights quickly. Lani took to it immediately when she was three and she has secretly trained with Brutus ever since.

Martial arts aside, Brutus is a gentle soul. He works as a bodyguard to keep Lani safe, not to pick fights. Brutus enjoys peace and quiet, but also developing his musculature and fine foods down in the Dregs. It might seem counter-intuitive that the Dregs has better food, but on the surface, food is not something to be enjoyed, but fuel for the body. In the Dregs, the Primals and Voidspawn that live there try to find enjoyment in life where they can, and food is a common source of joy. As a Minotaur, Brutus is a strict vegetarian, even if he chose to eat meat, without the proper teeth or digestive system, he wouldn't enjoy it. His favorite foods are root vegetables and once in the Wilds, Brutus learns to expand his palette exponentially.

Being a man of two worlds, Brutus is well connected both on the surface and in the Dregs. Once Lani professes her need to leave the city, Brutus cashes in favors, turns on his quiet charm, and stretches the limits of his charisma.

In the Wilds, Brutus learns as much as Lani about the world, about himself, and about his people, as he's never seen another Minotaur in Ghal that he can remember.

Another classic from six year ago, here's Brutus in his ubiquitous black t-shirt, jeans, and his electric shock baton.


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