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Catching Up with The Egg

Phew, been a minute since the last post. We have a little catching up to do. First of all, the podcast is still in the works, but getting closer all the time. We'll be recording a few chapters soon, and once they're done I'll be working on post-production and the first episode should be out soon after that! I plan on having at least 6 episodes ready before the first drops, so we can keep as regular a schedule as possible.

As far as other things are going, I just finished watching The Witcher on Netflix. I loved a lot about it, some parts of the story were frustrating, but overall it was very cool. I started reading "The Last Wish," which seems to be the widely accepted first book to read even though it's a newer one. Seems solid so far.

Other news, I won National Novel Writing Month in November, but just the other day I officially finished the project, bringing Hundred Dollar Heroes 2 to around 65,000 words! It was super fun, and now I'm starting my first edit, a quick read through to make sure it all makes sense and the most egregious typos are fixed.

While talking about HDH, I am always on the lookout for Beta Readers for Hundred Dollar Heroes, preferably free, but I am willing to pay a fee for quality feedback.

In gaming I'm loving Marvel: Crisis Protocol from Atomic Mass Games. It's a superhero tabletop miniature game that has a solid rule set, great minis, and lots coming out. Yesterday the company had a live stream showing off the Asgardian models coming out next month. Can't wait to strike some lightening as Thor!

This summer I jumped back into RPing hard. I started a D&D campaign as the DM, but I'm super excited to get to be a player in a Pathfinder 2e game starting next weekend. I'll be playing Harap Beka, a goblin barbarian who is traveling to New Cheliax to help others realize that goblins are more than just mischievous pyros. They are also known for biting ankles and conquering the monsters known as horses. I'm pumped!

Ok, onto the meat and potatoes of this blog- the fiction! Today I wanted to talk a little about the home of the Hundred Dollar Heroes, The Egg. I apologize for not having a picture of this floating fortress, but I've put off writing this entry long enough! The headquarters is affectionately known as the Egg because of its shape, which, you guessed it, is roughly like that of an egg. The structure is over fifty stories tall, but is held aloft by powerful anti-gravity engines. These engines have huge panels at the base of the oblong structure, making the bottom much larger than the top. This allows the Heroes to constantly circumnavigate the globe at the equator, hopefully keeping them near any possible destination. Of course this means that once in a while they are on the opposite side of the world as their destination, but luckily their transports, called Jumpers, allow them to travel at incredible speeds.

The Egg has everything a good superhero team needs: training areas, a huge pool, weight rooms, many cardio machines, a track, cafeteria with world class food, dormitories, even classrooms, holding cells, and an entire office division. The Heroes spend their days outside of missions aboard the Egg, until they use their generous vacation time.

The top-most level of the Egg, officially called the Aviary, is a glass domed wonder for exercise. The pool, weights, and other training machines can be found here, along with hot tubs and saunas. Heroes and Hundred Dollar Soldiers alike spend much time here.

Wait, I haven't discussed Hundred Dollar Soldiers yet? Sounds like another blog post is needed for that!

Thanks for checking out today's post, I plan on getting these a little more regular. You know how it is with the holidays!

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