• Dan Cole


Oh man. The last few days have been a wild ride. I had Episode 9 of Big Fiction Energy all ready to go, just wanted to add some cool music and effects. Then I went and found a way to corrupt the file...

LUCKILY- I had saved the original file in two places so I still had it to work with. To sum things up, there is no new BFE this week, BUT! The Professional Casual Network had another show hosted by yours truly to take its place and BFE will be back next week!

The Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure is the PCNs Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay actual play show that we're really excited about. I know I talked about this in the last entry, but it's moved up in the release schedule! If you're missing out on the fun of BFE, give this show a try! A slight warning- this show is not family friendly, but a great time!

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