• Dan Cole

Fear is Power

Doing something a little different today, focusing on some bad guys. The first villains featured on the blog will be the Fear-Mongers, or Mongers for short, that follow Lani and spread fear and terror in their wake. These three monsters are ex-Mongers that now work as mercenaries, using their unique talents for whatever the highest bidder needs. Let's get an image and see what these guys are made of!

Since this picture was drawn back in 2013, their names have changed along with a little of their appearance. On the left is the leader, a mast of Void magics. He uses his powers of the Void to conjure purple flames, black tendrils of necrotic energy, and fear-inducing mists. On the right is the swordsman Raashak, instead of flames from his hands, he summons a dread Voidblade that he is an expert with. In the middle is the bestial Garl, known for his strength, brutality, and animalistic behavior.

These ex-Mongers quickly become a force of death and fear, just as the Lord of the Void, Greymelken, wishes for the entire world. These mercenaries wear gear similar to the Fear-Mongers of the Great Cities, but instead of skull masks, their masks have taken on a bestial, feral quality. They all have the typical dreadlocks/tentacles of Mongers and from beneath their robes a miasma of dark motes fills the air about them. These motes can be their greatest weapon at time, forcing whoever stands against them into a flight or fight frame of mind. The motes cling to their opponent's airways, making it difficult to breathe, sometimes even to see as the motes catch in eyelashes. Most that aren't afraid of the Monger's visage cannot help but begin to panic when their senses start to betray them and no longer work.

Mongers take advantage of their opponent/prey in this weakened state, and use their Void-given powers to quickly end any fight they find themselves in.

The ex-Mongers in Lani seem to operate out of the usual chain of command of Fear-Mongers in Ghal, not that anyone outside their establishment knows what that is. But Lani has met official Fear-Mongers before, and these three are not that.

I love these guys as villains, as they really challenge Lani's physical abilities and throw things in her way that she did not plan for. Let's just say they have a certain disdain for life in general.

Thanks for reading today, next up is the last of the Heroes, the field leader Psion!


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