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Field Leader Psion

Although she's the last of the Heroes to get her bio on here, Psion might be the most important. As the Field Leader of the team, Psion is in charge, and she will let you know. Psion's name should give away at least the idea of her powers. Being a telekinetic and telepath of global levels, Psion keeps the team connected and safe. Her telepathy is not as well developed as it could be, but it is perfect for connecting the thoughts of her team and allowing them to communicate without the need for technology. Let's get a picture before we delve deeper.

Hopefully a few things stand out right away. Psion would be considered Lawful Good in some settings, so she feels she needs to look like a typical superhero. The cape and cowl showing this tendency. Her teammates never see her out of uniform, none have even seen all of her face. Psion tries to do everything properly, her near-obsession with perfection even leads her to talk without conjunctions.

Psion is a little older than the other members, 20 or 21, she isn't telling exactly. She feels this sets her apart from the teenage Heroes and accentuates her authority. Cool, calm, and collected, Psion is an excellent leader. She thinks fast on her feet and can direct the actions of her team instantly with her telepathy. Her telekinesis is often used to keep her Heroes safe, shielding them from projectiles or flinging enemies away, taking their weapons, or other methods of crowd control.

As field leader, Psion has a lot of clout at the Egg, the headquarters of the Heroes. She doesn't abuse this power, instead she uses it to advocate for her teammates, almost as if she were a union leader for superheros. All in all, Psion fulfills her ideal of the consummate superhero.

Thanks again! Next up is a post about the world of Lani, I'll discuss a bit about the state of the world, Andora, during the time of Lani's story.

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