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Get to Know Lani Ji'hirin

Last post focused on one protag, figured it would make sense to have this one focus on another! Lani is of course the main character of Lani: The girl without fear. At some point I'll get an updated picture of her, but for now, here's one from 2013:

Similar to the Purge image, she should look a bit younger, as she is 17 at the time of the first book. I chose a pose that shows off a bit of her personality. She is incredibly strong-willed, always speaks her mind, and is literally fearless.

Lani lives in the high rises of Ghal, a city of modern comforts, huge sky scrapers kiss the heavens and dominate over the Dregs, the levels below the surface, home to Primals, orcs, goblins, and who knows what else. Lani is virtually always in the presence of her bodyguard and best friend, Brutus the Minotaur- more about him another time.

School is about the only time Lani is not with Brutus, and without his keen watchfulness, Lani often sneaks out. This isn't the easiest feat to accomplish when her school is located on the 45th floor of another massive building. Readers are quick to learn that Lani isn't a normal girl and she uses her skills and innate toughness to regularly leap from the windows. She uses flags, banners, and other items that stick out from the buildings to slow her fall, but she has a personal record of seven stories falling without injury.

While at school Lani is miserable, she has no friends, the other kids can sense that there is something different about her. She's never had a boyfriend, they all stopped trying after she turned down everyone with ruthless honesty- she has no interest in dating the boys here, they're all weak. In exercise classes Lani learned at an early age that she is is much stronger than other kids as well. Her classmates saw her as a freak and some tried to accuse her of being half-Primal, something most humans in Ghal would find abhorrent.

All of this is coupled with a less-than-stellar home life. Lani's parents are mostly absent minor celebrities on The Views, TV for the surface dwellers of Ghal. They, like most sensible people of Ghal, are incredibly protective of Lani and don't allow her out of the house except during school. Even her best friend is a symbol of her oppression, as his job is to keep her safe, which means away from anything interesting.

After a few crazy moments, Lani decides it's time for her to leave, to venture into the Wilds, the untamed wilderness that surrounds the city, and Brutus decides to go with her.

Other than that, see you next time!

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