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Haka til you Droppa

Good news everyone! I miss Futurama... anyway, fun news is coming soon, I'm going to leave you with not much today, so I can build it up and have a big reveal in the future! Stay tuned.

For today, I've got the low down on Purge's best friend at The Egg, Haka, known as Ty when he's not in the field. Haka is a large teen boy with a heart of gold, but a chip on his shoulder as well. Haka is the strongest Hero, by a lot, and he knows it. His Augment is to absorb kinetic energy that contacts him and turns it into muscle mass and durability. Already a large person, Haka can grow to be taller than the tallest basketball player and denser than the biggest Sumo wrestler.

Haka loves to be brash and headstrong, but this aggressive nature hides his own insecurities tied to his parents. As a proud member of the Maori tribe from New Zealand, his father was a captain of the All Blacks, the legendary Rugby team known for centuries of dominance on the pitch. Because of Ty's augments, he was unable to participate in the sport in an official capacity, devastating his father's hopes and dreams. Haka hopes that as a Hundred Dollar Hero, he can live up to his parent's standards and maybe help make the world a better place at the same time.

Like Camille, Ty tries to stay connected to his heritage and has tattoos as well. Instead of on his arms, his are on the left side of his face. When he performs his namesake, he likes to think that his tattoos strike fear in the hearts of anyone watching, and the first time Purge sees it, they work!

Because of his augment, Haka wears a modified uniform of a black tank-top under a vest of the HDH blue and black. As he grows with his powers, his uniform is designed to stretch with him, but he loves showing off his huge arms as he gains muscle.

Haka and Purge are fast friends and love the old culture of the late 19th, early 20th century. One of Ty's favorite pastimes is educating Purge on this pop culture time, especially their favorite 'dinosaur movies.'

Up next is Kas, the ranger of the Wilds from Lani: The Girl Without Fear!

Thanks for reading!

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