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Implants 'R' Us

So. I mentioned big news a few posts ago, and I feel like it's ok to start talking about this. My beautiful wife, Dani, and I have decided to start a podcast! It'll use the name of this blog for continuity sake, and we're doing this together because we are going to create audio dramas of our stories! We'll be starting with Lani: The Girl Without Fear and then we'll see where we go after that! I'm super excited, and so is she, so you better be too! I'm calling it an audio drama, taking the term from Games Workshop and their audio books because I plan on putting a lot of post-production work into the recordings with music and sound effects and the works! I will likely be the narrator and playing the parts that are appropriate for me, while Dani will be voicing the female characters and who knows what else! We're hoping for a soon-after Christmas start, but there's A LOT of work to do to get it off the ground.

If anyone out there has any experience with creating a podcast, we'd love to expand our knowledge as we go!

Onto the character bio- Implant! Let's start with the picture here:

Couple things jump out, I'm sure. First, he's either 19 or 20- I know, I know, he looks older than that in the picture, but that's purely my lack of ability to render that properly. Implant is one of the older Heroes and acts older still. None of the other Heroes, aside from maybe Psion, know his real name, he only ever goes by Implant. He is an Augment in a different sense than the other Heroes as he is a cyborg. His augments are purely mechanical components surgically grafted to his body. Secretly, he hates these upgrades, they cause him constant pain. Even his eyes are no longer what he was born with, but 'oculars' that allow him to see in all types of light spectrums, save images and video in the computer part of his brain, and zoom capabilities that would make an eagle jealous.

Besides his improved eyesight, Implant has had many muscles replaced with mechanical cabling making him very strong, fast, and agile. The strange things on his shoulders are essentially power packs that give his mechanical parts energy. This energy can be released in the form of palm blasts of white concussive force. These blasts shoot out a few dozen feet, but aren't meant for long-range fighting. Implant prefers up-close fighting anyway, especially with his favored weapon- his long knives.

Implant is not a happy person. He lives in constant pain from his 'improvements' and he takes this out on everyone around him. He would say he's not in the hero business to make friends, but money. The other Heroes tolerate him because his effectiveness on the battlefield cannot be denied. His strength, abilities, and his computer components that allow him to slice into other computers, makes him efficient and indispensable. The issue there is that he knows this to be true, and takes advantage of this fact whenever he can.

That's it for this entry, I'll keep you updated with big news as it moves along.

Next up is The Wanderer from Lani!

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