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Inside the Wall of Ghal

All we need is to record our high-energy introduction and the first episode of the Big Fiction Energy Podcast is complete! It'll still be a while before it's released, I want to have half a dozen or so episodes on deck before they start coming out so I can keep a regular schedule. I'm thinking every other week unless it really takes off and we can do once a week. Leave a comment on what you think of Podcast release schedules.

For regular content today I wanted to fill you in a bit about Lani's home, the Great City of Ghal. This modern monstrosity is a city home to hundreds of thousands. The city is known for its impenetrable wall hundreds of meters high. The top of the wall is covered in huge ballistae, massive crossbows to shoot down anything that gets to close. Lani thinks the wall itself is the ugliest thing in Ghal. It is completely unadorned, huge sheets of rusted and corroded metal piled against each other. Rivets stick out all over, as if it were built hastily. In reality it is sturdy and strong, having stood for hundreds of years against the monsters of the Wilds.

Living inside Ghal is at once a blessing and a curse. The people on the surface live in relative luxury, advanced technologies like digislates and the Views give people a way to escape the horrors that surround them. At the same time, there is an entire peacekeeping force called the Fear-Mongers that keep people in check. These horrifying individuals are the police of Ghal, but they work to keep people scared more than anything. Check out the entry on the mercenaries, "Fear is Power," for more info on Fear-Mongers.

Lani hates it in Ghal because of the lack of freedom. Living in Ghal comes with a lot of catches. She has to go to school, wear a uniform, has a strict curfew, and can only go so far into the Dregs, the city beneath the city. Stairways from the surface lead down into the Dregs, a dark and dank area full of Primals (more on them next time) and orcs and goblins. Most of the peoples down here are merely trying to make a living, but there are more than a few who try to do this in unsavory ways.

Next up is some finally some world building for the the Hundred Dollar Heroes- what the heck are Augments?

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