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Oh yeah. That's pretty. Lani: The Girl Without Fear is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Paperback will be soon, just waiting on a few things to finalize that. Yes, this is the same story as the Big Fiction Energy Podcast, if you can't wait to hear the end, read it! I'm very proud of this book, and I love the cover by @ASlogodesigner1 on Twitter.

All kinds of news this week. Besides the blockbuster above, the Professional Casual Network has been busy producing content! We have the first few episodes of our Tiger King show, The Space Between Presents: Tiger King, recorded and episode one should be dropping this Tuesday, 4/28.

We have a few other shows in the works to, making our Network well-rounded and fun. I've been busy prepping Ulric's Fury, a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Actual Play Podcast. If you're unfamiliar, think D&D, but dirtier and gloomier. We'll be playing with some experienced players remotely- Dani, Tim, and new to the network Alex and JB. I'm ready to have a blast with that.

We've also got our flagship show in the works- The Space Between. Where Tim, Dani, Sarah, and I discuss comic events. The plan right now is to start with the first run of Young Avengers. Other comics planned included: House of X, Planet Hulk, Mutant Massacre, Civil War. Really excited for this as well, and we hope to get a lot of listener engagements!

Phew, so much going on! I hope everyone reading this is using this time to do something that makes themselves happy. I've been reading to prep for Ulric's Fury lately. We'll be playing through The Enemy Within, a classic campaign that has been updated for the 4th edition of the game. I'm loving it so far and can't wait to see what the four yahoos are going to do!

For fiction this week I want to tell you a little about Primals in Lani's world. Primals are half-human, half-animal creatures that live in every part of the world. The first one we meet, Brutus, is a Minotaur, half-bull, of course. Others we will see (minor spoilers) include Bandits, Musties, Munklings, Vespers, Badges, Lionesses, Lupine, Usarus, Kestrels, even a huge insectoid Primal! If you want to take a guess what animal each of those names are based on, tag me in a tweet @Icedan_HDH! Nerd points will be given out generously!

I love Primals, as they allow all kinds of creatures in the world that have different cultures and personalities that are often tied to their animal half. Take Brutus for instance. He is calm, thoughtful, and large. A lot of this comes from his bull half, no to mention his huge horns! Primals are an important part of all the stories of Andora, Lani's world, and I love writing them. Someday, when the stories of Andora become a multimedia sensation along with the Hundred Dollar Heroes, writing an RPG book for playing as different Primal races will be a blast. Maybe I'll start that during quarantine...

Well, maybe I'll have an update on that in two weeks? Otherwise, don't forget to listen to Episode 8 of Big Fiction Energy on 4/30. If you aren't caught up yet, what's wrong with you? Get listening! You can find us everywhere, even Pandora and YouTube!

Stay classy and safe out there!


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