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Jorking Around

I've got some big news today, then a bit of discussion about everyone's favorite orc small business owner.

First up, Big Fiction Energy is becoming part of a larger network of podcasts! BFE is joining the Professional Casual Network! Along with a new signature show, The Space Between, BFE will be part of your entertainment must-listens.

The Space Between is a new show starring myself, Tim, and Dani, all familiar to those who listen to Big Fiction Energy, but we're also adding our good friend Sarah. This show will focus on the discussion of comic events, mostly Marvel events in particular. We chose this cast because we each bring something different to the discussion. Tim is a fanboy and more recent consumer of comics. I am part of the show to bring a little bit of a more historical lens, as I have been a comic reader, especially X-Men for about three decades and I know writers and artists well. Dani is our story expert- as an English teacher she knows stories. Plus she's funny. She has some comic experience, but will ground our discussions a bit for someone that doesn't have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of comics. Sarah is joining us because she's an artist and will come at the comics with fresh eyes, giving us the perspective of someone new. We're all really excited for this launch, and hope to have it ready soon, though quarantine rules are making things difficult.

In the realm of current works, Lani Chapter 7 comes out on 4/16 and we're all very excited. This is a special episode both in the story, and in the time with the hosts. I can't say too much without giving too much away, but trust me when I say, it's a big deal.

One last piece of news before we get onto Jork. We have a Patreon now! Since you love Big Fiction Energy, why not help us make the show even better! is the way to do it! I've set the tiers so anyone can help us out, but of course, if you want to donate more, anything is appreciated!

So. Jork. We meet him in the first few pages of Lani: The Girl Without Fear, and he has been a reader favorite from the beginning. As the proprietor of a local tavern in the Dregs simply called Jork's, Jork is a bit of a mentor to Lani. An orc that towers over his bar, Jork is an imposing sight, even with his first head spine broken off. Don't ask how it happened though, never ask that. Jork treats Lani like any other customer (including observing the age limit).

Drayton Bar

Jork is a favorite on the show as well, in no small part to Tim's enthusiastic portrayal. When I approached Tim about joining our team for the podcast, he only agreed after I told him he would voice an orc. An orc that owned a tavern no less. Once I said that, I had him!

As an orc, Jork towers over everyone in the bar other than Brutus. His tusks jut up from his mouth giving him an eternal sneer, but he is as friendly as can be. He can often be found cleaning glasses and chatting cheerfully with customers, but he has also been known to dabble in rebellious actions.

That's all for today! I'll be back in two weeks, but there's only one until the next episode of Big Fiction Energy!

Stay Classy!

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