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Kas of The Wilds

As a nerd, I've delved into many types of nerddom. Comics, video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, miniature wargaming, you name it. But roleplaying games have always had a special place for me. It wasn't until late high school I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, but I fell in love immediately. Throughout college I played a lot of 3.5, even varients like the Warcraft RPG and at least one game of the Star Wars RPG, the classic D20 system was great. During the college years I jumped into WFRP- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and it was my favorite game for years. Dark Heresy, the 40K version of WFRP was great for a while too. This summer though, I got back into D&D and 5E seems fantastic. I'm starting a campaign of the Tyranny of Dragons with a local group and I'm so excited. Getting back to D&D is so nostalgic, but something new and cool and different. If you haven't tried a roleplaying game yet, DO IT! It's so much fun and the newest iteration of D&D is so easy to get into and play, anyone can do it!

Ok, I promised last entry that this one would be about Kas. Who the heck is Kas? Well, she's a warrior of the Wilds, the untamed land around the Great Cities. Kas travels with her father, Dasta, a warrior of renown, and his old friends, an adventuring party of old. The group survives by traveling with as many others as possible, collecting into caravans to go from one city to the next.

Kas is the definition of a free spirit. She knows life is fleeting in the Wilds and tries not to take anything for granted, living in the moment. She wears worn studded leather armor and wields a longs word and a buckler. Even though she's still a teen, she is a seasoned veteran of many battles and has seen much of what the Wilds has to offer.

When she meets Lani and Brutus, everything changes. Some things for the better, some for the worse. I'll let you read the book to find out more though. Or maybe... you can listen to the podcast? A podcast? More on that in the future!

I hate to say it, but I don't currently have an image of Kas, other than in my head of course. She is taller than Lani, around 5'7", and she has very dark skin, which can really come in handy in the Flatlands with the sun beating down. Her black hair is always tied up into a thick bun, and a smile is stuck to her face constantly.

Next up is the cyborg Hero Implant!

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