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Mucus Among Us

So I'm getting better at this social media thing. I've had a Twitter for years (@Icedan_HDH) but have always been terrible at it, not sure how to use it properly. I tried posting random things and I capped out at about 40ish followers. I mostly used it as an alternative to scroll through when I got bored with Facebook. The last few days though I've really tried to start building a group of followers and make connections with strangers with similar interests. It's going well, my followers have bumped up to 60ish, which is still incredibly low, but at least it's increasing. I'm assuming after our hit podcast begins those numbers will skyrocket ;)

Either way, it's fun, but a lot of "work". I'm seeing that it takes a lot more than posting and hoping someone stumbles on your tweet and likes it, follows you, tells everyone they know to follow you. It mostly seems to come down to the whole, 'follow me, I'll follow you' which I have no problem with, but it takes a lot of time on the app doing things I'm not usually engaged it.

tl;dr- Follow me on Twitter @Icedan_HDH and I'll follow you back!

Bio for the week- Mucus! Our first alien from Hundred Dollar Heroes, Mucus was born on the other side of the galaxy from Earth. Let's just cut to the chase and show the pic, then we can delve into this weirdo!

Mucus is one of my favorites (easily in the top 6 Heroes) because he's just weird. Not only is he a silicon-based life form, but his way of speaking and understanding of social norms is very different from an Earthling. Being silicon-based, Mucus is able to change his form in almost any conceivable way. His body observes stimuli different from carbon-based life, so he has no discernible sensory organs. The eyes you see in his picture are glass eyes he keeps inside his semi-transparent form so people have something to look at when they speak with him. Mucus uses this ability to harden his appendages into weapons, or turn into a near-liquid state and go where he pleases. There are very few security systems that can keep him out. In battles, Mucus is known for expanding his body to protect his teammates and using his impressive bulk as a battering weapon.

Outside of battle Mucus (real name unknown, or unpronounceable) is essential for thinking out of the box. His alien 'brain' and time growing up off of Earth allows Mucus to look at problems with a very different eye. This also leads to him speaking in a strange, stilted way that many find endearing, but can mask his vast intellect.

Mucus is much more than just a pretty face, he is loyal, strong, and smart. He loves makes friends, to the point he uses it almost like a title ("Thank you, Friend Purge"). Mucus represents what makes the Heroes great, allowing aliens and Augments to work together to make the world a safer place.

Thanks for reading! Next up I'll focus on some of Lani's villains, the Fear-Mongers!

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