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Podcast is Live!

The Big Fiction Energy Podcast is live! Well, really it’s been live for about a week, but I’m beginning a new schedule starting with episode one. From now own, blog posts will be every other week, with new episodes of the podcast debuting the opposite weeks. This means every Thursday there will be new Big Fiction Energy content! I’m extremely excited and can’t wait until episode two drops on February 6th!

As of now, the podcast is available on nearly any platform. iTunes and any Apple powered podcast app, Spotify, and Stitcher. As of now it’s not on Google Play, but depending on support it will be in the future.

Check it out, leave a review, and most importantly, let others know about it! Word of mouth is a powerful tool for a podcast, and we need help!

I do want to make a shoutout to Syrinscape, an app used to provide the music and sound effects for the pod. It’s an amazing product with a lot of free features, but a reasonable price to unlock literally everything.

In gaming life besides the excitement of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, I was lucky enough to recently join a Pathfinder 2nd Edition game! None of us playing, even the GM have experience with the new edition of the game, but our first game was a blast. I made a razortooth goblin barbarian called Harap Beka. He loves his horsechopper and tripping things to bring them down to his size. If you aren’t playing tabletop RPGs yet, get on it! It’s the most fun. Don’t let the amount of rules dissuade you, others around the table can help you out until you get the hang of it. Do yourself a favor, try it out! Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Overlight, whatever sounds cool, have fun with it!

For the fiction portion today I want to tell you a little about a few of the people Lani meets on her sojourn. Scroll down if you haven’t read about Kas. In fact, scroll down in the blog and read at least the entries about Lani, Kas, and Ghal before you continue here, it’ll give you a better picture of where these characters fit in the story. To go along with Kas, Lani meets her family. Dasta, Kas’s father; Gnash, a small bat Primal; Orthl, a Void wielder; and Dart, an armor-covered warrior with a massive sword. I would be remiss if I did not give credit to these characters. This group is actually based on an adventuring party from a game of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 run by my good friend Taylor. Gnash was my character, a shifter ranger. The others have been changed slightly to fit better in Lani’s world, such as name changes. Orthl, as an example was a necromancer, but in Lani’s world he is a manipulator of the Void, specializing in darkness and tendrils of violet energy. Dart was changed the most, as the character in the D&D game was a warforged, so instead she’s a clanking heavy armored fighter who sees a kindred spirit in Brutus. The group were a lot of fun to write, especially Gnash, as he was a blast to play at the table. I like having a few side characters to give Lani another look at the world, and I hope readers/listeners like them as well!

That’s it for today, next week is episode 2 of the podcast, then two weeks from now we’ll have another entry here! Enjoy!

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