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Prism! aka Camille Stillwater

I’m liking the idea of bouncing back and forth between Hundred Dollar Heroes and Lani. Last entry was about Lani herself, so today I’m going to discuss another badass young woman- Prism of the Hundred Dollar Heroes!

Camille Stillwater is a teen Augment with an array of powers that got her on the team. She can fly without wings, blast energy from her eyes, summon spheres of energy in her hands that she can throw and explode! All of her energy and her hair change color with her mood. When she’s excited or in the thrill of combat, her attacks are usually a vibrant orange or yellow. If she’s angry, watch out for the red energy! Sad or tired and it’s blue, you get the idea. The best part of her energy powers is that they aren’t heat based, so she doesn’t run the risk of setting things on fire!

Besides her powers Prism is known for her up-beat, positive attitude. She works as a front line fighter in the field, and as a source of energy for Haka (more on him in the future). Around the Heroe’s home, the floating fortress known as The Egg, Camille loves swimming and spending time with her friends Haka and Purge when the team isn’t training.

Camille does everything she can to stay connected to her family and her people, as a Native American of the Sioux tribes, Camille feels strongly connected to the Earth, even as she flies above it. Virtually all of each paycheck is sent back to her family on the Reservation. Because of her job, Camille was able to move her family of eight out of a single trailer into a large home that was built specifically for them. Prism didn’t become a Hero for glory nor riches, but to help her family and try to make the world a better place.

Prism is one of my favorites (I say that about all of them), because she was designed with a lot of input from my wife, Dani. She came up with most of the ways her powers worked and the fact that she was Native American. She also added the fun detail of a tattoos Prism has on her forearms. She wears a modified uniform to show them off and keeps her long naturally black hair out of her face with a headband (forgot that in the picture five years ago, oops!) that has been passed down through her family for generations.

Prism is a ball of excitement so glad she gets paid to save the world!

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