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Well, had a close call there. March 5th was #Pitmad day on Twitter. Pitmad is short for Pitch Madness, where authors post pitches for their work and agents/publishers look for stories for consideration. I had a bite by a publisher that liked my pitch for Hundred Dollar Heroes:

150 years after First Contact humans and aliens try to live together peacefully. Augments are humans with alien DNA and often superpowers. The Hundred Dollar Heroes, and the young Augment Purge, stand in the middle ready to help- for a price. #Pitmad #YA #SF #SH

They asked for the first three chapters, and a synopsis. A couple days later they asked for the whole text! Sadly, they decided to pass due to a lack of social media presence because I would essentially be in charge of the marketing. I’m trying! I hoped that they’d understand that social media is a work in progress and has been growing steadily. If you don’t already follow Hundred Dollar Heroes on Facebook, or @Icedan_HDH, or listen to Big Fiction Energy, any/all of those would help me out a great deal!

So, you win some you lose some. I’m going to try to focus on the fact that they liked my story enough that they asked for the whole thing, and said they enjoyed it.

For the fiction portion today I want to talk a bit about the Marauders from Lani. ‘Rauders for short, or simply ‘bots, Marauders are huge roving machines hellbent on drinking the blood of humans and Primals. These machines stand well over seven feet tall with long, thin limbs. If you’re picturing General Grievous from the Star Wars prequels, you’re not far off. The Marauders though, are not as clean and well built as the General. Their limbs are broken, serrated pieces of metal that in some cases, just barely hang on. Their heads look like helmets of old, with no real face, but glowing red eyes deep in shadow. Most have blades in place of one hand, and all have taloned feet.

The picture included today is of Matagaluega, the leader of a particular scrap, a group of Marauders. Matagaluega wears furs around its shoulders as a sign of status.

Marauders are one of the deadliest enemies to run into out in the Wilds, for they strike without warning, anywhere, anytime. Their thirst for blood knows no bounds. And those that wield powers of the Sprites are the best meals.

That’s all for now, enjoy episode 5 of Big Fiction Energy in one week! Stay Classy

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