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The Face of Evil

Welcome back! Winter break was a fun time, got some things done, cleaned the house, painted some models, played some games, recorded more for the Podcast. Currently I’m playing through Bioshock: Infinite for the first time. Again, it was the PS+ free game for the month, can’t beat that! I’ve never played a Bioshock game before, but I’m digging the mix of horror, visceral combat, and strange humor here and there. It’s free until March 1st or 2nd, get your hands on it!

I’ve also been dying to play some Final Fantasy VI again for some reason. A few years ago I got about 10 hours into the game on my PS1 copy playing on my PS2 (yeah, I keep everything). The issue is that the PS2 is in the bedroom on an older, hardly used, TV and the TV in the living room doesn’t have the input for such an old system! With the baby sleeping in there, I can’t play during my usual video game time! Ugh, first world problems. A possible solution is to start it over yet again on the SNES Classic that is in the living room. Decisions, decisions.

In tabletop gaming, I’ve got my ‘monthly’ game of Dungeons and Dragons coming tomorrow!

We’re currently playing through Hoard of the Dragon Queen, but I’m throwing them a side quest full of Gnomes. Let’s hope they survive the night. The new D&D Beyond Encounter labels my planned fight as deadly… let’s see!

Ok, you’re right, enough about games, that’s not why you’re here. Well, maybe it is, let me know in the comments what brings you back each week. Or, if this is your first read- Welcome! I hope you stick around.

For the fiction roundup this week, I want to talk a little about the creation of Lani's world. This might be a little spoilery for the Podcast, but I won’t go too much into story elements here.

It all began with the five Sprites. First there was Barbagazi, the gnome. He shaped the earth and rock, giving the world structure. Naiad the symph then filled the crevasses and divots with water, allowing plants to grow. Ariel the sylph created the air that surrounded the planet and made winds to blow. Finally there was Sanshouo the salamander, his fires breathed life into the world, creating animals, humans, and Primals. But wait, I said five. Greymelken was there all along in the shadows, in the Void. Greymelken planted seeds of fear into every part of the world, filling the oceans with darkness, deep caves in mountains, fear of heights in the atmosphere, and monstrous mockeries of Shonsou’s life, the demons of the Void. Greymelken created goblins, orcs, and ogres in his realm that was a parody of the world the other Sprites made as a labor of love. Greymelken sat in his realm for millenia, plotting his ascension as the most powerful Sprite. His most powerful demon, Skorn the Goblin King, led an army the likes of which had never been seen across the face of the world. Skorn hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years, but was he successful? Lani will learn eventually.

That’s all for this week! New episode of Big Fiction Energy, Chapter 4 next Thursday, 3/5. Be ready for big stuff!

Thanks for reading, Stay Classy!

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