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Things are getting done! The first two chapters of Lani: The Girl Without Fear have been recorded for the podcast! Post production to make it the audio drama I envision could be a while, but we'll be recording regularly so we have a healthy backlog of episodes so we can have a regular schedule. At this point I'm thinking one chapter episode a week. I'm very excited, and we all had a lot of fun recording. That's right, I said 'we'. I am narrating and playing some of the characters, my wonderful wife Dani is playing a bunch of characters, but our friend Tim is also joining in as an actor to give us some variety. I can easily say that the others nailed it, I'll let the future audience let me know how I did :)

Other than that fun news today I want to talk about the boisterous wanna-be Hero, Captain Super. You might think 'that's a stupid name,' right away, and you'd be right. Captain Super is a stupid name, but that's the point. Captain Super want's to be the typical super hero, cape and all. Let's see what this guy looks like before we get info on him:

I hope he looks like a pretty typical Superman inspired hero, as that's exactly what he is. Captain Super has all the powers in the book. Super strength, durability, flight, laser eyes, gigantic size, and arrogance to match. Captain Super is by far the most powerful thing the Heroes have encountered when they first meet him. He seems to be a bit confused though, as after he stops some local crimes, he continues his fighting with local law enforcement. The Heroes are called in to deal with him and he has fun with them, barely breaking a sweat.

Without giving away too much, Captain Super becomes quite the thorn in the side of the Heroes, proving to be too much for any of them to handle in the field. But the real trouble starts when he assembles his own team, he calls The Misfits.

I know it was very short today, but next up is a bit more world building for Andora, with some more information about Lani's home city, Ghal.

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