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The World of Andora

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

First, I run a game club at school weekly, this year they've been all about D&D and Smash Ultimate. Today I came into my classroom to find a stack of games with a sticky note that said "Game Club Donations". There was a cool holographic chess set, D&D 5E starter set and dungeon tiles, and the Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game. Now, I'm pretty familiar with D&D, but had only heard the name Legend of the Five Rings before. Looking through this box though, I'm hooked! I've always loved feudal Japan and fantastical stories using Japanese lore. This game looks awesome. Amazing art, excellent production values, and looking online it's been well received since it came out just over a year ago. A huge plus is that it seems to be well supported, with a bevy of products for it in that time. After I get a game in, I'll let you know how it goes, until then we can all be excited about the anticipation!

Returning to Andora, Lani's world is heavily influenced by Edo era Japan with a fantastical twist of course. In this world, fear rules all. There was some massive war centuries ago and Greymelken, the Lord of the Void, won, casting the world into darkness and terror. The world already had no moon, making nights black as ink other than a few wan stars. After Greymelken's victory, the civilized folk retreated into walled cities and barricaded themselves inside. Over the centuries humans and other sentient peoples developed incredible technology to defend themselves from wandering monsters and other creatures that would slip out of the Void and enter the material world, Andora.

During Lani's time, the Great Cities have lost their connections to each other. They live completely shut off from the rest of the world, something that Lani hates.

In the world live millions of humans, alongside them are the part-animal Primals, and Voidspawn that have learned to live alongside them, orcs and goblins.

Lani desires to leave the Great City of Ghal to explore this world, as even the pitch black of night she knows no fear.

I managed to find a map I drew of the area Lani and co. travel on during the first story. I'll make up a better looking one in the future, but for now you get lined paper and minor spoilers!

Next time is about Captain Super, a thorn in the sides of the Hundred Dollar Heroes!

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