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Time in the Sewers

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Been a pretty quiet two weeks here. Trying to get through the winter unscathed! We’re about to go on winter break, which is exciting, and I plan on getting A LOT done with the podcast, blog, and writing in general.

One thing I want to mention is that during the last two weeks I became re-obsessed with The Last of Us on the PS4. I had downloaded it when it was the free PS+ game back in October, but didn’t get around to it until February! I wanted to play though again before Part 2 comes out in May, and I couldn’t stop. The game is so good. I’m not usually a fan of survival horror, but the story and characters are done so well that it sucks you in. The crafting mechanic is addicting too, I found myself combing every area I traveled through scrounging for whatever I could find. Usually blades to make bombs and alcohol to make med packs or molotovs. Man, even though I just finished it, writing this makes me want to pick it up again! I’ll probably put a pre-order down soon for Part 2! If you don’t know about this game yet, and you have a PS4, do yourself a favor and check it out!

The only other game I’m looking forward to in the near future is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Glad both of these games were recently delayed, they’ll be better for it!

Onto the fiction! I’ve been working hard at a deep revision of the Hundred Dollar Heroes. I found a highly-recommended beta reader on Fivver and his service was amazing. For around $40 he gave me a line-by-line edit and a SEVEN page summary of his thoughts. He went over what was good, what he liked, and problems with his suggestions. I truly feel the story is much better for it, even if it is a ton more work!

I want to learn you a bit about Purge, the main character of Hundred Dollar Heroes, and his home in the sewers, simply called Home. No, it’s not the most innovative name, but based on those that live there, I didn’t feel like it warranted a fancy name. Home is where the outcast Augments- and a few aliens- live. This was heavily inspired by the Morlocks of the X-Men, but turns it on its head a bit.

Down in Home, Purge spends most of his time with his hulking friend, Cytor. This Augment is a large-bodied pink pig-faced Augment with one eye. He’s loyal, but frightfully stupid. Purge also spends as much time with Shed, who he has a huge crush on. Shed is interesting because her powers allow her to affect people with pheromones, changing their moods. She is a pretty young woman, but she is in Home because of the other parts of her powers, and where she gets her name. Every few days she sheds her outer-layer of skin and hair, and her powers go haywire. People act very strangely around her during this time, in ways she cannot predict. She secludes herself hidden away at Home while she sheds to keep herself safe. Purge misses her terribly while she’s gone, but understands the necessity.

The economy of Home revolves around pieces of metal called ‘klink’ that are used as currency and ultimately traded to the most powerful members of Home called the Smelters. They live in a warm, dry area where they take the klink they trade useful things for and smelt it into armor, weapons, and other items useful in Home. The Smelters are an intimidating bunch, having their area walled off and wearing leathers and gas masks. No one that isn’t a Smelter ever sees the face of a Smelter.

Other larger-than-life characters in Home include the hugely fat Old Barn and his assistant Creepin. Ronn the noodle-seller, and Tonk the tutor.

If you’re interested in learning more about the world of Hundred Dollar Heroes, I’ll gladly take requests for beta readers!

Other than that, that’s all I have for today-

See ya in two weeks, and listen to Episode 3 when it comes out on Thursday, 2/20!!

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