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Wandering into Your Heart

Quick shout out, if you're interested in Roleplaying games at all, you should do yourself a favor and check out the Glass Cannon Podcast. Five hilarious guys play Pathfinder (not D&D, but still really good). They started in 2015 and have grown to a full fledged podcast network. Start from episode 1, it's a continuous story.

You're welcome.

Onto The Wanderer.

This picture is my favorite of the ones I did back in 2013 for the first story of Lani. I feel like it really gets across the idea of his age and haggard appearance. I don't want to tell you too much about The Wanderer, but I think his story is equal parts fascinating and tragic. Instead I'm going to wax lyrical about how awesome he is.

In the story you find out pretty quick that this old man has some pretty awesome powers. First of all is his sword, which can burst into flames at The Wanderer's whim. This ancient weapon also moves with blurring speed, making it nearly impossible for those fighting him to follow it. The keen edge is so impossibly sharp that The Wanderer hasn't found anything it hasn't been able to cut through, especially when it is aflame.

Not long after meeting him, we also learn that The Wanderer has control of seemingly all the elements. He makes himself run and jump impossibly fast with the power of wind. He can heal with flame, move water about, and shape stone.

The Wanderer is also older than he first appears, and knows much about Lani's world, though he quickly reveals that he's never been in one of the Great Cities, he prefers to fight against Greymelken in the Wilds, that he knows better than anyone.

The Wanderer is a man of great kindness, goodness, but utterly without mercy for the enemies of those he protects. He long lost count of how many Voidspawn he's sent back to their plane, how many evil despots and conquerors he's vanquished. But The Wanderer is known first and foremost for his deeds as a protector and liberator from the forces of The Void.

That's it for this entry, next up is the alien Hero, Mucus!

Thank's for reading!

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